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Tuesday, June 1

Blogging: worse than heroin

I think I should quit this blogging thing before it gets out of hand. Read this article from the NY Times. My god, it's destroying lives! The fact that I'm posting this very message on my blog is making me feel depraved.

Like I said before about my Hawaii obsession, I have this sinking feeling that I'm doing nothing more than following the popular trends of the day. This NY Times article was published on May 27. That's just six days ago, man! Geez, why don't I just go out and buy the latest Britney Spears album while I'm at it.

I'll probably turn on the TV tomorrow and hear: "20-somethings interest in S. Korea at an all time high! More Americans are marrying Koreans then ever before! Recent study shows that 68% of half-Japanese males are obsessed with Hawaii and flamenco!"


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