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Thursday, June 10

Easy skankin' in Beppu

Big up mon! I did some interpreting for APU's sole Jamaican student today. Afterward, he told me a little bit about how Jamaicans view American universities. He obviously takes some pride in the Jamaican heducation system. He said that although the Jamaican system is marked by a British stuffiness and rigidity, it tends to produce students who are better heducated than Americans. In fact, he pointed out that Jamaican students who go the US for uni often wind up at the top of their class because the curriculum is so easy.

I wonder if it's true, or if he just has a very high opinion of himself? At any rate, it certainly is different from how Japanese and Koreans - and probably most of the world - view higher education in the US.

Would you believe there's an Oita-Jamaica Association? I imagine it's nothing more than a bunch of old farts sitting in a kominkan drinking shochu and listening to Bob Marley on a tinny boombox.

But me nuh kya about any of dat! Jesum Piece, me radda hear im speak in Patois! Unfortunately, there are only a handful of Jamaicans in Oita, so I'll probably never get the chance.

Check it bredda, unnu can henter dis ah sey one website fe read about Jamaican English grammar.

Jah guide.


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