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Thursday, June 3

Glocal Engrish

Have you heard the word "glocal"? No, it wasn't coined by Dubya. Although it doesn't show up on any of the One Look dictionaries, it is, apparently, a real word.

People thought I had mistyped "global" when they saw the word pop up in a translation I did the other day. The word is a bit suss, I agree. It's a combination of the words "global" and "local", and often seems to be accompanied by the phrase "think globally, act locally". (Or was it the other way around?)

There's even an international glocal forum. After living in Japan for five years, one immediately assumes that any funny sounding English word is just some more Japanglish that one gets accustomed to seeing here. Better be careful. Absurd sounding words might actually be English legit.

Surprisingly, the word does show up on ALC, The Greatest Colloquial English-Japanese Dictionary Ever Made.

【形】 地域性も考慮してグローバルな視野に立った◆【語源】global + local

A coworker coined the word "grappy", a combination of "great" and "happy" (not "great" and "crappy").

Go here if you want to see a large collection of authentic Japanese Engrish. This stuff used to really crack me up, but nowadays, I almost see it as poetry. Check out this Japanglish poem (nearly a haiku!) that is printed on the windows of the university gym:

When the strong wind
Close and lock the window
To prevent from falling

Wow, that is like, totally deep, dude!

Have a grappy day.


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