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Thursday, June 10

Tasmanian wombat boy

Here's me and "Death Racer" Andrew (right) after running the grueling 16.5km 大入島 (Onyujima) marathon. Click here for a view of the entire island.

Don't let Andrew's appearance deceive you. He's an adrenalin-addicted Tasmanian wombat-boy who thinks nothing of cycling 150km in one day - without any water; who will sprint 12km up a mountain, stoically ignoring the complete loss of feeling in his limbs; and who will run a 50km marathon - his first marathon ever - while enduring the pain of a stress fracture in his foot. And before long, he will be a Canadian Death Racer. Yes, he is truly a god among wombats. Either that or he's completely out of his friggin mind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Death Racer"? Sound's dangerous, sounds cool!

9:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey I know this guy! I thought he was just a cycling freak but didn't know he was into running. Say hi to him for me Nick.

1:54 PM


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