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Tuesday, September 28

Down with suburbia!

New research suggests that suburbia is bad for your health.

See? Like I've been saying, living in a city is good.

As it says in the Salt Lake Tribune: "...living in a more sprawling urban area, such as Atlanta, has the health effect of making your body four years older than it really is, at least compared to those who live in more integrated cities, such as Seattle."

The article concludes by saying, "The desire for further multitudes of single-family homes on suburban cul-de-sacs, and our allergy to anything with the term 'high-density' attached, is going to have to be reconsidered. Our very health depends on it."

I'm telling you, the Koreans have the right idea. Build massive, affordable apartment blocks surrounded by parks, shops and restaurants. It sounds like a bad idea at first, and it looks damn ugly to single-family-home-loving Americans, but it makes more sense. High population density can be a good thing if it's planned well. Bring on the density!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yer right, ASSHOLE. I'm gonna give up my 4-bedroom house with backyard and BBQ area for a shoebox where I can go to sleep each night to the soothing sounds of the guy next door snoring or beating his wife. ASSHOLE. Obviously you are no bigger than the average chink or nipp, and therefore would be quite comfortable in miniature land. HA. ASSHOLE.

11:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Mr. Frodo, I do miss the Shire...

2:17 PM


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