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Friday, October 8

Deterioration, gravity, violence, sin

I woke up yesterday morning to find a small chip in my front tooth. I discovered that if I moved my jaw in a certain way the tip of a lower tooth fit exactly into the chipped area, which means I'm probably grinding my teeth in my sleep. Stress? Too much kimchi? Maybe my going to the gym will remedy the problem.

I went to the Dr. Ha Dental Clinic after work and had the offending tooth shaved down a hair to prevent further cracking. The visit cost me about $3.

Dr. Ha is just about the best name for a dentist I can think of.

About the gym, EuroSpa. People tell me that it has the best baths and saunas in Jecheon, which is a good thing because people also tell me that Jecheon winters are bitterly cold, even colder than Seoul's. It seems the EuroSpa gym guy adheres to an outdated North Korean training method. He told me to work the same muscles (curls, shoulder press, bench press) for four days in a row. Now, I'm no expert on weight training, but I thought you're supposed to alternate muscle groups. He also came to me when I was doing half-crunches and said, "No no no! Head down, up, down, up!" I wish he'd leave me alone.

On a positive note, the aerobics instructor wears booty shorts that reveal the lower third of her gravity-defying buttocks. It's mesmerizing.

God, this is starting to sound like the typical boring blogs out there. If you're not going to blog about anything mildly interesting, why blog at all? Well, here's something interesting. A fistfight broke out between two boys today, in the teacher's room of all places. This was the real deal. These adorable little boys were punching each other, full force, in the face. A teacher broke up the brawl, then proceeded to punch the students himself! He then violently yanked back the head of one student by his hair and yelled in his face. One kid got a bloody nose.

Strangely, the teachers seemed less upset by this than they are by less serious infractions, such as improper attire. "Boys will be boys" seemed to be their attitude. It's a far cry from kids packing a 9 to school like they did at my school in the good ol' US of A, but still, damn, I could hear flesh smacking flesh from halfway across the room.

Magic Game Land has moved into the first floor of my building. It's a slot machine parlor. Their mascot is Winnie the Pooh. When I open my door, I am greeted by Carl Saganesque planetarium music, which always makes me feel like I'm setting off on some great journey when I go to work. Unfortunately for Jennifer, the music can be heard through her floor all night long.


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