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Wednesday, October 6

One more year 'till alzheimers and cataracts

"Prease to bro fire out, sonsengnim! Make happy wish!"

I've turned 29.

I had a very odd dream the other night in which I was watching a John Kerry campaign ad on the telly. There was that soothing, yet oddly compelling campaign ad voice saying something like, "John Kerry likes trees. He cares about the environment." Then I see a smiling Kerry, sporting a full beard, standing amid giant redwoods, wearing a plaid lumberjack shirt and cradling a baby.

That's it.

I sent in my absentee ballot today. I took my dream to be a sign and voted for the bewhiskered lumberjack. Not that it will matter, being from the staunchly Republican state of Virginia. Our great Commonwealth hasn't gone Democratic in over 40 years.

I also joined the Euro Spa health club today. It costs 60,000 won a month (about $60), but it's money well spent. The club lends you a clean pair of shorts and a shirt every time you go, so you don't have any sweaty clothes to take home with you except for your socks and underwear. Isn't that a brilliant idea?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey ASSHOLE, y'know I used to think: `Yep, this guy is an ASSHOLE`, but your undemocratic comments supporting John Kerry go too far. You see, unlike Korea where you live (no doubt surrounded by pinko commies), we here in the great land of America value a little thing called DEMOCRACY - which includes such things as freedom of speech. Does that make any sense to you, ASSHOLE? That means come election day ALL true Americans will vote for Dubya to keep on doing a great job of leading this country.

So next time you feel like expressing your un-American - UNDEMOCRATIC opinions, write them down on a piece of toilet paper, wipe your ASS with it, and flush it down the toilet. ASSHOLE.

3:55 PM


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