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Tuesday, October 12

The shy Japanese / mystery bulge

If you've lived in Japan, you might have noticed how some people occupying toilet stalls flush as soon as you walk into the bathroom. Not because they're finished, but because they don't want you to hear their poopin' sounds. Well, the clever Japanese have invented a device to simulate the flushing sound precisely to serve this purpose. What will they think of next.

And, like the Singaporeans, young Japanese are starting to turn away from relationships and sex--not necessarily because they are shy, but because relationships can be more trouble than they're worth. I had a Japanese otaku friend who once told me he couldn't wait for Sony to invent a full body pleasure suit so that he could have virtual sex with his Play Station.

And, our debate-shy Commander-in-Chief might have been wired during the first debate! Not high-on-caffeine wired like he was during the second debate, but being fed lines through a mic strapped to his back. Man, I love this kind of stuff.


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