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Monday, November 15


Oh...my...God. The EPA is recruiting babies to be scientific guinea pigs. American babies. And people are worried about Revlon and Gillette testing their products on rabbits?

But oh, the perks:
What will my family receive for its participation in the study?
  • You will receive both monetary and non-monetary compensation
  • A Study t-shirt
  • An official, framed Certificate of Appreciation
  • A Study bib for your baby
  • A calendar
  • A Study Newsletter
  • A video camcorder, if you complete all of the study activities over the two-year study period
This is totally for real. Here's the EPA's CHEERS Project website.

I wonder what the camcorder is like? Might be worth it if it's digital. Though, I'd rather get it at the beginning of the study so that I could document my child's deteriorating health.


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