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Saturday, November 13

Dumbness good for health, Bush bad

Minnesota, New Hampshire, Vermont and Hawaii are the healthiest states in America. Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana are the sickest.

The report by the United Health Foundation also says:
The Aloha State is No. 1 for a low prevalence of obesity at 16.4 percent of the population. It also has a low rate of deaths from cardiovascular disease and cancer, and a low total mortality rate, the study said.

Other strengths include a low prevalence of smoking, a low violent-crime rate, a low rate of uninsured population, strong support for public health and a low premature-death rate.
However, Hawaii has a relatively low high school graduation rate. You think maybe there's a connection? Yes, education is bad for you! Books cause cancer! So now we know how Dubya maintains his health.

Additionally, all four of these healthy states, and in fact 8 of the top 10 healthiest states, voted for Kerry, while the 10 sickest states all voted for Bush. Coincidence? I think not! This is conclusive evidence that Republicans are bad for your health!

Especially for the health, uh, lives, of Iraqis.

Click here for the complete list.


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