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Wednesday, November 3

The hour of reckoning is upon us!

I can't believe it. Rock the Vote Day is finally here. I'm voting for the guy that Bruce Springsteen likes because Britney Spears likes the other guy and she's like, dumb? And the hobag dumped Justin Timberlake? Pu-leez. Then again, Bruce Willis likes the other guy, and he was pretty good in Die Hard. Um, there's like way too many things to think about?

And like, war and killing sucks and all, but the guns and jets and tanks are like, pretty awesome, so I'm not sure about the whole war in Iran against Ben Laddin. At least we got his evil sidekick Saddam!

My uncle Cleetus says that "we need a cowboy for president, not a fag-lovin' French-speakin' windsurfer," whateva that means. He also said that the other guy killed people in Vietnam, but I'm cool with that cuz I know exactly what he went through. I've been playing a video game that's the same thing. (Kumawar rulz!)

Oh forget it, I'm not voting. I don't wanna stand in line anyway.

Red Sox rule!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my god, you are like, so dum. i mean like, if there was like, y'know, a dumass of the year award like thing, you would be like, the ultimate winner.

12:35 PM


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