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Wednesday, November 10

Onward, Christian Soldiers!

Don't you just hate wussies that whine about war all the time? C'mon, a little war never killed anyone! Get some of that hot lead in ya!

A quarter of the Iraqi troops have defected, Falluja is in flames, the interim government is falling apart, Prime Minister Allawi's relatives have been kidnapped and insurgents are on a killing spree in cities all over Iraq. All in all, I think the Falluja assault is going pretty well! Break out the wine and cheese!

Can't wait to see Rummy explain to Allawi that the kidnapping was an "isolated incident."

Why isn't the media making a big deal out of the 100,000 Iraqi civilians that have been killed as a result of the war? This utter disrespect for human life angers me more than anything else. Imagine if France invaded the US to oust Dubya and bring freedom to America (hmm...), killing 100,000 American civilians in the process. I think we'd be a little bit pissed off at France, don't you? After all, just look at how angry we were when 3000 Americans--a mere fraction of the casualties in Iraq--were killed on 9/11.

Ohhhhh, right, I forgot. Those were Iraqi women and children who died, people whose lives aren't worth as much as ours. One American is the equivalent of, say, 10 Iraqis? So really, we've killed only 10,000 people! No wait, that's still a lot... I guess when you reeeeealy think about it, one freedom lovin' American is worth about 100 Iraqis, so, all in all, we've killed only about 1000 civilians so far. What's all the fuss! That's way fewer than we lost on 9/11!

Ahem. But what is 100,000 anyway? Just another big number. To me, anything over 25 is a "big number," one which gives me a nasty migraine when I try to visualize it. How many friends do I have here in Jecheon? Five? How many middle school students do I see over two weeks? 900? So that means we've killed a hundred times more people than the number of students I teach. That would be equivalent to the number of students at over 300 middle schools... Aaaaagh! Big number! Migraine!!!

Let's look at that big number as a graph, shall we?

Ah, that's much easier to understand. I'm sorry, what was this war all about?

Just the other day I was asking Jennifer, the English teacher from Newfoundland who lives down the hallway, only half jokingly, what the requirements are for obtaining Canadian citizenship. Now that I think about it though, that would be tantamount to giving up! I'd be no better than Eddie Vedder (who also threatened to defect), and everyone knows that grunge has been totally uncool for the past decade. Just think of what America would become if all the sane people left.

Unless we did this:

The most uncool thing of all though, is that we had the Vietnam war just a few decades ago. You'd like to think we learned something from all that. I mean, who hasn't seen Platoon, Full Metal Jacket and Apocalypse Now?

I guess that's the one positive thing about wars: great cinema follows in their wake. Too bad only the living can enjoy them.


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