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Monday, November 1


Everyone suddenly burst into applause today when, during my advanced eighth grade class, I said, "I voted for Kerry," to try and get the kids to understand the word "vote" (they were voting for the best alien drawing).

One girl gave me the thumbs up and exclaimed, "I agree!" I was really surprised that eighth graders would have any opinion at all about American politics. I seriously doubt that their Japanese counterparts would have an opinion either way.

I think I'm starting to forget some Japanese. Last weekend, I couldn't remember the words for "gingko tree" and "mole" (the animal). The words you use the least are the first to go, eh?

I've discovered another Korean name that sounds all right in English: Davin (다빈). It'd actually Romanize to "Dabin," which is a French last name, I think, but Davin looks way cooler. Unfortunately, it's a Scandinavian name that means "bright Finn," which wouldn't really make sense for my child.


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