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Tuesday, November 16

Why Canada rulz

Reasons to move to Canada, as cited by www.canadianalternative.com:
1. Canada has universal public health care.
2. Canada has no troops in Iraq.
3. Canada signed the Kyoto Protocol environmental treaty.
4. More than half of Canada's provinces allow same-sex marriage.
5. The Canadian Senate recommends legalizing marijuana.
6. Canada has no law restricting abortion.
7. Canada has strict gun laws and relatively little violence.
8. The United Nations has ranked Canada the best country to live in for eight consecutive years.
9. Canada abolished the death penalty in 1976.
10. Canada has not run a federal deficit since 1996-97.

Unfortunately, there's one terrible thing about Canada that simply overrides all of these positives: it's cold up there! I'd rather live in hot and humid Haiti than suffer through those cold winters with six hours of daylight.

Question to Aussies: which of the 10 reasons above would also hold true for Australia?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those facts are kinda outdated, I think. It's not that cold. It's normal. Thanks to the bad environment, weather's getting warmer these days (not now because this year's wind is cold). It seemed like there was almost no winter last year. As for economics, Canada's too steady and stagnant - no improvements. It's not the best place to live anymore by UN's standards. No violence, freedom of speech/liberty and free health care are certainly good things, though.

12:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here in Vancouver, we're having a typical soggy November, but it's not that cold. Apart from the mountains, we haven't had much snow to speak of for several years. However, we had a mother black bear and her cub in our front yard yesterday morning. Mom sat under our cedar tree and watched the kids walking down Cove Cliff Road to school. They didn't notice her.

Crawford Kilian

1:03 PM


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