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Monday, December 13

Well, Fukuoka me!

Fukuoka, here I come! I'm feeling pretty excited about this move. There's a fairly good chance I'll get the job, but if my past luck is any indication, I'll be kidnapped by North Korean spies next week and work as Kim Jong Il's private English tutor for the rest of my life--which might not be so bad if I get access to his Pleasure Squad.

I've wanted to live in Fukuoka for years, and now here's my chance. It's the best city in Japan. Asia Week magazine agrees with me. Here's a 1997 article about the city.

The houses seen in the foreground are on reclaimed land in the super-posh Momochi district. I'm sure they're really expensive. That round thing on the left is the Fukuoka Dome baseball stadium.

Some neat old photos of Fukuoka here and here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You will start a new life in 2005 and love it!

12:42 PM


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