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Wednesday, December 29

Your weather is probably way nicer

Average Monthly Temperatures of a Few Cities (°C)

Average Monthly Precipitation of a Few Cities (mm)

That's Jecheon, S. Korea, where I am now; Oita, Japan, where I lived for two years; Miyazaki, Japan, where I lived for three years; Granada, Spain, my home for half a year; Herndon, Virginia, my "hometown" in the States; Salem, Oregon, stomping grounds of my relatives; and Honolulu, Hawaii, where I'd like to live, but probably never will.

What prompted me to make these? (Aside from having only one class to teach today?) I think it's the fact that my face feels like it's freezing off every time I step outside. I haven't experienced such a cold winter since I left Virginia in 1998. It turns out I didn't really miss the cold one bit.

Of all these places, I think the Oregonians have it the best. They enjoy both mild summers and winters, and despite getting a bad rap for their rainy weather, Oregon is practically a desert compared to East Asia. Oregon receives a scant 993mm (39in) of rain a year. Compare with Miyazaki, oft touted as the sunniest place in Japan next to Okinawa, which gets inundated with 2522mm (99in) of wet stuff yearly. Pfft...Oregonians. You think you know rain? Gimmie a break!

It is cold in Korea, but at least they know how to deal with it properly with heated floors and well sealed buildings, unlike the Japanese, who still build houses out of rice paper and twigs.


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