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Monday, July 3


Akiko Shimizu

1) Title of the movie: TROY
2) Genres: History
3) Plot summary: 紀元前1250年、青銅時代の終わりごろの話。パリの後に2つの新たな国が争い始めた。トロイの皇子は、スパルタの皇女・ヘレンに、彼女の夫・メネラウスと別れるように、そして一緒にトロイへ帰ろうと説得。メネラウスは、後から自分の妻がトロイの者に攫われたことに気づき、兄弟のアガメムノンに、妻を連れ戻すように頼んだ。アガメムノンは、これは権力を示す絶好の機会だと思った。そして彼は、1000隻の船と5万人のギリシャ人を引き連れ、トロイへと向かう。アキレスの助けを得て、ギリシャ軍はトロイ軍に負けることはなかった。しかし彼らの目の前には、トロイの皇子・ヘクトールが待ち構えていた・・・。
4) User rating:10(Excellent!!)
5) Director: Wolfgang Petersen
6) Has he directed any other movies that you know? What are they?: Poseidon/The Perfect storm
7) Who wrote the screenplay?: David Benioff
8) Has he written the screenplays for any other movies that you know? What are they?: Stay/25th Hour
9) Who composed the soundtrack?: James Horner
10) Has he composed the soundtracks for any other movies that you know? What are they?: The New World/The Legend of Zorro
11) Who is the first actor listed under “cast”?: Brad pitt
12) What are 3 recent movies that this actor has appeared in?: Babel/Mr.&Mrs.Smith/Ocean’s Twelve
13) Has this movie received any big awards? What is the name of one award and the year it was awarded.: YEAR:2005 ASCAP Award
14) Choose one interesting item from “trivia” or “goofs” and write it below.: アキレスを演じたブラッド・ピットは、映画撮影中に悲惨な目にあった・・・左足のアキレス腱を切ってしまったのだ!!
15) 最後に・・・Write why you would recommend this movie to others: I recommend this movie because it tells us how wonderful a bond of friendship and affection. Moreover, Brad Pitt’s performance is so fascinating !! Actually, I haven’t liked him until I watched this movie. You must find how good his performance. YOU SHOULD WATCH IT !!!!! :D